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African swine fever in Belgium

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) estimates that the risk of Denmark being affected by African swine fever remains low. However, a finding of the disease in Belgium is worrying.

News, Published: 17. September 2018

African swine fever has never been reported in Denmark and as the DVFA takes the situation very seriously and treats it with high vigilance.

On 13 September, African swine fever was found in two dead wild boars in Belgium. It is worrying that the disease has spread to Western Europe, but the risk of Denmark being affected by African swine fever remains low. This is due to a number of precautions taken in Denmark.

The DVFA constantly aims to improve the surveillance programs, the veterinary contingency capabilities and information to the farmers and hunters in order to provide a prompt and effective response to every single suspected case or outbreak of a notifiable infectious livestock disease.

Actions have been taken to eliminate wild boars in nature in Denmark by planning to raise a fence at the Germany/Danish border and by intensifying the surveillance and control of wild boars. They are to be shot in accordance with Danish legislation administered by the Danish Nature Agency.

No feeding of animals with leftovers is allowed in EU Member States due to EU legislation.

The DVFA has in the control system and the supervision focus on importation of illegal food and on illegal feeding of animals with leftover food.

According to EU legislation vehicles used for transport of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and poultry in connection with trade between EU countries must be cleaned and disinfected after each transport. The driver must keep a log of the sanitary activities at all times.

In addition to the EU legislation, Denmark has national legislation stating that vehicles used for transport of cattle, pigs, sheep and goats must be cleaned and disinfected after each national transport.

The Danish Industry has chosen to supplement the EU and national legislation with the establishment of the industry code "Danish Transport Standard". All vehicles entering Denmark with the purpose of transporting pigs or cattle have to be washed and disinfected at an approved facility after crossing the border. Control of this will be intensified after the latest development of ASF.

The DVFA is monitoring the situation closely and is constantly considering whether there is a need for adjustments or entirely new precautions.