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Information about COVID-19 for cafés and restaurants

From 18 May 2020, cafés and restaurants are allowed to serve food and drink to customers again. However, a number of guidelines from the competent authorities will help limit the spread of the corona virus:

Information for cafés and restaurants

  • Cafés and restaurants are not allowed to serve groups greater than 10 people. A group should only consist of persons who already are in close contact. Restaurants and cafés may have more than group at its premises if adequate distance between the groups is maintained.

  • Restaurants and cafés etc. must maintain a minimum of 1 meters distance between groups. This applies to inside as well as outdoor servings . Persons eating together can sit at the same table with normal distance, while there must be a minimum of 1 meters distance to the next group.

  • Cafés and restaurants must at least have 2 m2 per person. If customers are standing, there must be at least 4 m2 per person.

  • Buffets are allowed. Nevertheless, the customers should keep their distance. As an example this could be done by offering a buffet to one group at a time or by arranging the buffet so that a minimum of 1 meters distance between customers can be maintained. The staff shall clean the buffet area frequently and for example offer personal utensils, disposable utensils or single serving bowls.

  • Good hand hygiene is essential to limit the risk of infection. Therefore, water and soap or hand sanitizer (70-85 percentage alcohol) must be provided to customers. Hand sanitizer can be offered at entrance, as well as by the buffet, self-service terminals, crockery and plates etc. All employees must wash their hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer multiple times throughout the day. 
  • Employees should not go to work if they have symptoms that could indicate COVID-19 infection.

  • If a guest shows any symptoms, the staff should thoroughly clean the area the sick person was occupying.

  • Restrooms etc. for guests and staff should be thoroughly cleaned, and all surfaces should be washed, and contact points should be disinfected

  • Cafés and restaurants must close at midnight. This, however, does not apply to take-aways, if the establishment additionally has permission to sell food and drinks to-go under other legislation.

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Last Modified 22. September 2020