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Campylobacter is currently the food bacterium that infects most people in Denmark and in many other countries.

​​In 2008, almost 3,500 people were registered to be sick with campylobacter in Denmark. Statens Serum Institut estimates that the actual figure is probably 10-20 times higher because many do not seek medical help.

Most people are infected during the summer, as the hygiene often fails when we barbeque in the outdoors and there is far more campylobacter in poultry in the summer.

The sneaky thing about campylobacter is that it takes only a few bacteria to fall ill. Just a few drops of juice from raw meat are enough to cause stomachache and intense diarrhoea. But if your kitchen hygiene is ok, you will not get sick – even there are bacteria in the meat.

Last Modified 18. March 2015