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Inspection Reports - Food Establishments

At the conclusion of an inspection in food establishments, the inspector prints an inspection report.


The report is documentation of what has been inspected in the establishment, the findings and the results. If there are violations, the sanctions will be noted in the report. Sanctions may be remarks, enjoining orders, injunctions, prohibitory orders, administrative fines or reporting to the police.

In reports to retailers, the overall result of the inspection is summarised in one of four more or less smiling smiley-faces.

Establishments with four happy smileys on their last four inspection reports – and no remarks during the last 12 months - are awarded an elite-smiley, to be used in their marketing.

Retailers must post the inspection report near the entrances for consumers to read before entering the shop.

All inspection reports are published at Find smiley. Here, you will find more information in English on the smiley publication-scheme as well as the actual inspection reports and smileys.

Last Modified 16. September 2016