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List of companies covered by organic inspection

​The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) maintains a list of Danish food companies, aquacultural farms etc. which are subject to the agencies organic inspection. The list is updated daily.

​​​List of operators certified and covered by the control in accordance with EU Regulation 2018/848 on organic production by DVFA.​


  • The documentary evidences of the operators, pursuant to article 29(1) of regulation 834/2007 (which are still valid until 31st of December 2022) and the organic certificates issued pursuant to regulation 2018/848 are attached to the list next to each company. ​

  • When the new EU organic certification system is available in TRACES, DVFA will use this system for issuing organic certificates.

    That means that organic certificates issued by DVFA during 2022 can be found on either the list above or in TRACES.

  • The documentary evidences / certificates which are attached to the list are not signed – their authenticity and validity can be verified through the list itself since this list is published by DVFA.

  • Other farms and companies covered by the Danish governmental organic inspection can be found at the Danish Agricultural Agency's website (www.lbst.dk).

Last Modified 3. March 2023