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List of Companies Covered by Organic Inspection

​The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) maintains a list of Danish food companies, aquacultural farms etc. subject to organic inspection. The list is updated daily.

List of operators covered by the control in accordance with CR 834/2007 by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration


  • The documentary evidence on the operator according to article 29(1) of regulation 834/2007 will be attached to the list next to each company.

  • The documentary evidence is not signed – its authenticity and validity can be verified through the web-list published above. 

  • From 1 February 2013, DVFA will have only one code number: DK-ØKO-100. However the earlier numbers DK-ØKO-200 and DK-ØKO-300 will still be allowed for a transitional period of 3 years (until 1. February 2016).

  • Other companies covered by the Danish governmental organic inspection can be found at the Danish AgriFish Agency (farms /supplying companies)
Last Modified 8. September 2016