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Protection of Animals at Assembly Centres


Provisions on protection of animals at assembly centres and during other collections of animals have been issued in an order from 2003 from the Ministry of Justice.


The order contains minimum requirements about the facilities at the assembly centres to ensure the welfare of the animals during their stay at the assembly centre. This include requirements concerning the facilities for animals, equipment for watering and feeding, ramps, floors, passageways, light, ventilation, checks of mechanic and automatic equipment, separation of certain types of animals, bedding, tying/not tying animals, stocking density, handling, watering and feeding, injured animals, euthanasia, qualifications of the staff, and inspections.


As regards other collections for animals, for instance animal shows, the order contains provisions on condition for the lairaging of the animals, watering and feeding, handling and inspections.

Last Modified 15. October 2015