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Inspection of animals at markets, etc.

Inspection of markets, assembly centres, and places of departure

​​The animals undergo an examination for animal health and identification reasons before entering assembly centres. A veterinary officer carries out the examination. The examination of the animals includes evaluation of the fitness of the animals for transport to the market or assembly centre, as well as an evaluation of whether or not the animals are fit for further transportation.

When animals are exported directly from a farm and a veterinary officer must examine the animals according to the provisions on animal health, then the evaluation of the fitness for transport of the animals takes place concomitantly at the farm.

Similar to the control at the slaughterhouses, checks of the means of transport are carried out on a spot check basis. A number of these checks are targeted.

So far, there are no staging points in Denmark.
Protection of animals at assembly centres and other collections of animals
Provisions on protection of animals at assembly centres and during other collections of animals have been issued in an order from 2003 from the Ministry of Justice.

The order contains minimum requirements about the facilities at the assembly centres to ensure the welfare of the animals during their stay at the assembly centre. This includes requirements concerning the facilities for animals, equipment for watering and feeding, ramps, floors, passageways, light, ventilation, checks of mechanic and automatic equipment, separation of certain types of animals, bedding, tying/not tying animals, stocking density, handling, watering and feeding, injured animals, euthanasia, qualifications of the staff, and inspections.

As regards other collections of animals,​​ such as for instance animal shows, the order contains provisions on condition for the lairaging of the animals, watering and feeding, handling and inspections.​​​​


Last Modified 30. August 2016