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The Danish provisions about pigs are laid down in Ministry of Justice Order on the Protection of Pigs as well as in the Act on Indoor Keeping of Pregnant Sows and Gilts, the Act on the Indoor Keeping of Piglets and Pigs for Breeding and Slaughter, and in the Act on the Outdoor Keeping of Pigs.


The Danish provisions contain certain national requirements, which go beyond the provisions of the EU directive laying down minimum standards for the protection of pigs, e.g. the requirements regarding water sprinkling systems for sows, piglets and pigs for breeding and slaughter; a requirement that a certain part of the floor in pens for weaner pigs and pigs for breeding and slaughter must be either solid or drained; requirements for outdoor keeping of pigs; a requirement that if tail docking is carried out, no more than half of the tail is allowed to be docked.


Furthermore, with a transitional period, sows and gilts must be kept in groups already from the time of weaning (sows) or from the time of introduction into the service area (gilts).

Last Modified 15. October 2015