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Farm Animals and Horses

The Animal Welfare Regulations Order on Minimum Standards for the Protection of Animals Kept for Farming Purposes.

Up to 2003, on-farm inspections were carried out in 2% of holdings with pigs and calves. From 2004, the inspections have included 5% of holdings with at least 10 head of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, fur animals and poultry. In 2009, altogether more than 1600 herds were inspected. The selection of herds for inspection is risk-based for the most part, but a number of farms are selected at random in order to make it possible to evaluate the risk-based selection. The inspections are unannounced.

The provisions in the Ministry of Justice Order on Minimum Standards for the Protection of Animals Kept for Farming Purposes (implementing EU directive 98/58/EC) are inspected in all holdings apart from holdings with horses not kept for farming purposes. Provisions in Ministry of Justice orders concerning slaughter and killing of animals, dehorning, castration and tail docking and ban of the use of certain devices are inspected where applicable. Apart from these, specific provisions have been issued for cattle, pigs, laying hens, broilers and horses.

An improved control of animal welfare
Now and in the future, the following elements will act as a supplement to the existing inspection system and help to improve the risk-based selection of farms for inspection:

  • “Own-check programme” for animal welfare on farms.
  • Herd health control programme on pig, cattle and fur animal farms.
  • Development and validation of current and future risk factors for selecting farms for 5% welfare control.
Last Modified 13. October 2015