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The Yellow Card Initiative on Antibiotics


Since 2001, antibiotic consumption in animal production has been on the increase, resulting in a 35 % rise from 2001 to 2009. More than 80 % of the antibiotics prescribed are used in the pig sector.

The high antibiotic consumption leads to increased antimicrobial resistance against the antibiotics to which the bacteria have been exposed. Increased antimicrobial resistance poses risks to human and animal health, because of the potential risk of treatment failure.

In order to reverse the trend of the constantly increasing antibiotic consumption in the pig production and the risk posed by increasing antibiotic resistance, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) established the yellow card initiative in 2010. The initiative operates on tree levels, yellow card, increased supervision, and red card.

The yellow card initiative is designed to target the highest consumers of antibiotics in the pig production. The goal was to achieve a 10 % reduction on 2009 consumption levels as measured in kg by 2013.

For a more detailed description of the yellow card initiative, see the left/right Colum.

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Last Modified 19. March 2015