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The Central Husbandry Register (CHR)


The Central Husbandry Register (CHR) is the central database used for registration of holdings and animals. It is owned by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark and was established in 1992.

The CHR contains information on all holdings with cattle, pigs, sheep and goats plus commercialised holdings with poultry, fur animals, deer, game birds and fish.

For each holding the following information is registered in the CHR:

  • Holding number (CHR number) e.g. 654321
  • Address of the holding
  • Geographical position of the holding (x and y co-ordinates)
  • Keeper's name, address, contact numbers and VAT or CPR number
  • Owner's name, address, contact numbers and VAT or CPR number
  • Number of animals
  • Veterinary events

Besides data on holdings, CHR contains information on:

  • Each individual head of cattle, including movements
  • Movements of pigs, sheep and goats
  • Results of samples for TSE and salmonella
  • Veterinary practitioners
  • Use of medicine
  • Results of on-the-spot inspections

CHR is an important part of the Danish system of animal registration and identification.

Besides the CHR, the system is based on:

  • Holding registers
  • Ear tags
  • Movement documents
  • On-the-spot inspections
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Last Modified 30. August 2021