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Information for Member States


​​​Compete​​nt Authority

Danis​h Vete​rinary and Food Administration

Veterinary Service
Stationsparken 31-33
2600 Glostrup
DK, Denmark
Tel: +45 72 27 69 00
Fax: +45 72 27 65 01

Contac​​t Persons

Ms.Michelle Sunding                   E-mail: micsu@fvst.dk


Mr. Thorkild Bastholm                 E-mail: tob@fvst.dk


Ms. Charlotte Thøgersen             E-mail: ctx@fvst.dk

(Cattle, sheep and goats)

Ms. Julie Kjeldsen Hinsch             E-mail: jukhi@fvst.dk


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All appr​oved ear tags for cattle

Holding register for cattle

Cattle passport

Sheep and​ goats

All approved ear tags for sheep and goats


​Identificati​​on of horses​

Last Modified 23. November 2022