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Personal data protection

Read about what the data protection regulation means to you, who use the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's website.

The purpose of the data protection regulation is to strengthen citizens' rights. Our customers will have the same rights as today, but the rights will be strengthened or tightened with the data protection regulation. Technological development and globalization make it necessary to secure the rights of private individuals to an even greater extent.

At the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, we have conducted workshops in all units and carried out campaigns to ensure that we are all aware of the changes.​

Externally, we have informed thousands of primary businesses and companies we have registered personal data on about the rights the new regulation gives them.

Read the inf​ormation letter to companies on which we have registered personal data.

We have also systematized inquiries from citizens and companies, so if you have questions about your rights, you can contact our Customer Advice. They want to ensure that the inquiries end up in the same place, so that all inquiries are dealt with competently and uniformly.

Contact information for Customer Advice.