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Head Office


​Administration, development, co-ordination and the formation of rules and regulations take place at the head office of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Stationsparken ​​31-33, 2600 Glostrup (near Copenhagen).

Board of Directors
The Executive Board consists of:

Executive Director: Esben Egede Rasmussen
Chief Financial Officer: Hanne Larsen
Chief Veterinary Officer: Per Henriksen
Chief Meat Inspection Officer: Johan Kjølhede Overgaard
Deputy Director General (Food Safety): Annelise Fenger
Deputy Director General (Innovation): Per Krogsgaard Christiansen

The Secretariat for the Executive Board
Head of Division: Karin Breck

Animal Health Division
The division is responsible for:

  • Animal health and veterinary preparedness.
  • Animal disease surveillance.
  • Trade of live animals (intercommunity trade).
  • Animal by-products.
  • Export of live animals and animal products.
  • Import of live animals and animal products.
  • Veterinary epidemiology and health management.

Head of Division: Camilla Brasch Andersen pr. 01-09-2018

Animal Welfare and Veterinary Medicine Division
The division is responsible for:

  • Animal welfare.
  • Zootechnique.
  • Veterinary medicine.
  • Authorisation of veterinarians.
  • Veterinary epidemiology and health management.

Head of Division: Christian Strøyer

Food and Feed Safety Division
This division is responsible for:

  • Strategies and action plans to combat pathogens such as campylobacter in foodstuffs and salmonella and salmonellosis in foodstuffs and livestock.
  • Microbiological contamination.
  • Tracing the route of infection in the event of food-borne illnesses.
  • Hygiene, fitting up and operation of food companies.
  • Hygiene training.
  • Authorisation and registration of food companies.
  • BSE/TSE (food safety).
  • Zoonoses Register.
  • Monitoring zoonoses in general (food-borne).

Head of Division: Charlotte Vilstrup

Chemistry and Food Quality Division 
This division is responsible for:  

  • Organic food products.
  • Product standards, trade norms and market schemes. 
  • Genetic engineering and other novel foods.
  • Irradiation of foodstuffs.
  • Additives in foodstuffs, including aromatics and enzymes.
  • Marketing of foodstuffs, including misleading information.
  • Labelling of food products.
  • Specific labelling schemes, including schemes regarding beef, geographic designations, designations of origin and specificities.
  • Chemical contaminants e.g. dioxin, acrylamide, pesticides.
  • Food contact materials.
  • Cleaning and disinfection agents.

Head of Division: Henrik Dammand Nielsen 

Healthy Food & Communication 

This division is responsible for:

  • Promotion of good dietary habits among children and adults.
  • Prevention of obesity among children and adults (in cooperation with the National Board of Health).
  • Provision of information to segments of the population with special nutritional needs.
  • Enriched foodstuffs.
  • Dietary supplements.
  • Special nutrition.
  • Nutritional assertions and health-related assertions.
  • Nutrition information declarations.

Head of Division: Else Molander

Control & Data Division
This division is responsible for:

  • Control principles and strategies.
  • Veterinary and food inspection in general, including the development of tools for the regional units to ensure uniform quality in their performance ​of the inspection effort.
  • Instructing the regional veterinary and food inspection units in general inspection matters.
  • Supervision of the regional veterinary and food inspection units.
  • Case follow-up in relation to the inspection performed by the regional veterinary and food inspection units.
  • Internal control.
  • Coordination of regional laboratories and central coordination of laboratory projects.
  • Traceability.
  • Publicising inspection results.
  • Collecting and processing data from the inspection and the regional veterinary and food centres.

Head of Division: Vibeke Højbjerg (Control)

Head of Division: Kenny Larsen (Data)

International Trade Division
This division is responsible for:

  • Control of trade.
  • IUU.
  • Import and export of live animals, foodstuffs and non-food products.
  • Travelling with pet animals.
  • Border inspection.
  • Export certificates.

Head of Division: Camilla Brasch Andersen until 31-08-2018

Center for International Cooperation
This division is responsible for:

  • General contact point for international relations.
  • Coordination of files to the Minister on international affairs.
  • Coordination of files to the Ministry department and the minister for national EU-procedures (Council, CVO , SCoFCAH etc.) and international organisations in general, such as Nordic Cooperation, Codex Alimentarius, OIE, FAO, WHO etc.
  • Coordination of the Ministers participation in export promotion activities, etc.
  • Input for cases before the European Court of Justice.
  • Assistance for third countries concerning development of food and veterinary safety, including Twinning projects.
  • International affairs in general - support and coordination.

Head of Division: Anna Cecilie de Klauman

Head of Division: Knud Østergaard

Legal Services Division
This division is responsible for: 

  • Coordination of legal advisory services for the Veterinary and Food Administration including legis​lative technique service.
  • Coordination and preparation of the annual Legislation Program.
  • Coordination of input for cases before the European Court of Justice.
  • Administrative Law including i.e. the Public Administration Act, the Open Administration Act and the Personal Data Act.
  • Public Tender and Contractual Law.
  • Legal assistance for the Veterinary Health Council.

Head of Division: Birthe Schubart

Secretariat to the Veterinary Health Council
The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration gives secretariat assistance to the Veterinary Health Council.

Professional Secretary: Lissi Vestergaard Karlsen, Veterinarian

Finance and Accounting Division
This division is responsible for:

  • Appropriations, allocations, budget and accounts.
  • Overall activity and finance management, as well as reporting.
  • Bookkeeping.

Head of Division: Henrik Kundby

Human Resources Division
This division is responsible for:

  • Human resources development.
  • Personnel administration.
  • Organisational development.
  • Administration of supplementary training offers and competency development.
  • Secretariat for the Joint Liason Committees and the Joint Health and Safety Committees.

Head of Division: Susanne Juul Jarlov

Operations Division
This division is responsible for:

  • Development and administration of properties and localities.
  • In-house services, e.g. building maintenance, management of staff canteens and fleet of official cars.

  • Salary management.

  • Payments of invoices and travel administration.

  • Accounts receivable.

  • Procurement and administration of financial management systems.

  • Customer service

Head of Division: Kim Hastrup

Information Technology Division
​This division is responsible for:

  • IT management and organisation.
  • Corporate IT in the Ministry of Family and Consumer Affairs.
  • IT strategy and policy.
  • Project management.
  • IT security management.
  • IT service delivery and support.
  • IT operations.

Head of Division: Kim Troels Rasmussen

Last Modified 21. June 2018