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EU Twinning Programmes


From the day of entry, EU candidate countries must have implemented the voluminous amount of EU legislation on food and veterinary issues and have the legislation in force and full operation. This is a great challenge to their institutions and administrative capacity.

There is a need for assistance to the candidate countries from the Member States in this respect. Similar assistance is available to countries included in EU neighbourhood programmes.

Denmark supports the candidate countries
In order to support the process leading to accession, Denmark offers its competence and knowhow in several fields, including veterinary and food administration and control. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration is the competent authority and offer its assistance in the matter.

This can be carried out through the EU Twinning programmes or other general bilateral programs or projects or through direct contacts from expert to expert.

To facilitate this work, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has established a contact point: 31@fvst.dk. The contact point co-ordinates the incoming requests and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration bid for projects financed by Denmark as well as the EU Commissions DG Enlargement.

The administration will bid for the projects according to its administrative capacity and in the end take responsibility for the implementation of the projects.

The principle of a coherent control from "Farm to Fork" is the principle and practice in Denmark. Thus, Danish support activities are based on an integrated veterinary and food control system according to the Danish food control system under the Ministry of Environment and Food.

Examples of activities in supporting the Candidate Countries
Twinning projects. The candidate country (or neighbourhood programme country) and the EU Commission elaborate projects of this type, and they are offered to other administrations in the EU Member States. The projects will typically be implemented over a ½-2 years period. Denmark has won several twinning projects aiming at strengthening the administrative institutions responsible for the veterinary and food administration and control in new Member States.

Last Modified 20. November 2015