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Travelling with dogs, cats and ferrets


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How to travel with your ferret

Proper identification is important 
Are you bringing your dog, cat or ferret to Denmark (or the EU) it is very important that the animal is identifiable.

The animal shall be identifed by a microchip or by a clearly readable tattoo applied before 3 July 2011.

Read more about the requirement when:

Buying puppies and kittens abroad
If you want to bye a puppy or kitten abroad, please be aware that there are certain import requirement which applies​.

For commercial import of pet animals
If animals of the species mentioned in regulation 576/2013 are being imported for commercial reasons the commercial import requirements applies.

If more than 5 animals of the species dogs, cats or ferrets are imported from Third Countries, the animal health requirements for commercial import applies.

Finally, as from 27 May 2010 it will only be possible to travel with max. 5 animals of the species dogs, cats or ferrets, also when travelling within the EU.

Commercial import of pet animals


Contact information of the Border Inspection Posts in Denmark:

Border Inspection Post, Kastrup at Copenhagen Airport
Phone: +45 72 27 64 40
Fax: +45 72 27 64 51

Border Inspection Post, Billund at Billund Airport
Phone: +45 72 27 69 00
Fax: +45 72 27 56 03

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